Ladies promotions galore!

Huge congratulations to the Ladies 2s and Ladies 6s who won their  leagues on Saturday, guaranteeing promotion to Surrey Prem and Surrey Division 5 respectively.

Ladies 1s secured promotion to South Division 2, and a win on Saturday will see them top South Division 3A. Ladies 7s have also hopefully secured promotion to Surrey Division 7 with a second placed finish in the league.

A hugely successful season for the Ladies side. We now roll into the Summer Hockey season as we look to build on our 2018/19 successes for the 2019/20 season.

Clubhouse Closure 21st/28th October

*Clubhouse Closure 21st/28th October*

Just a reminder that the clubhouse is Closed for the next 2 weekends. Match Teas will be at The Grove for matches at BP and The Hanover Arms for matches at KP.

There is also an area reserved in The Grove if you want to carry on your celebrations. They have an great shot menu and rumour has it there will be a DJ later in the evening…


Get your Americana costumes ready because Wanderers are going American for a full blown Frat party at the clubhouse. We’re talking beer pong, red cups, flip cup and most likely Johnny Ross dressed as a cheerleader of some sort.

Team pairings for pre drinks are as follows:
M1 & L2
M2 & L5
M3 & L6
M4 & L7
M5 & L4 & L3
M6 & L1

Please be at the Clubhouse for a 7.30pm kick off.

1st kit ordering window open

Reminder that the first kit ordering window for the new season is OPEN! Head over to Tacklebag to place your order. Timing details below.

1st order window: orders placed between 9th and 17th September 2017 will be delivered week commencing 2nd October.

2nd order window: orders placed between 7th and 15th October 2017 to be delivered week commencing 30th October.

3rd order window: orders placed between 7th and 12th November 2017 to be delivered week commencing 27th November.

Clubhouse opening 23 September!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Wanderers seasoned and newbies, it’s the news you’ve all been waiting for… the CLUBHOUSE is opening for the season on 23 September!

All the ladies teams are in action, and most boys have friendlies so please make your way to the Clubhouse after your matches for the cheapest drinks in Clapham and many big gun points!

More than ever it’s important we show our support of such a fantastic asset to our club, we are one of the few teams in London with a proper Clubhouse, so let’s make full use.

Spread the word with your teams, and see you there!

Storming pre-season by Ladies 1s

The Ladies 1s have had a storming pre-season. Fresh off the back of a win at the Spencer Summer League, Ladies 1s make it 2 wins out of 2 in their pre-season friendlies!

Last week, a 10-0 slam over Richmond 1s. Joint MOM to 2 newcomers, showing us how it’s done, DOD to our coach!

This weekend saw a 3-1 win against Eastcote 1s. MOM to Vern for her first ever goal for Wanderers (only taken 3 years). Special thanks to Ken Goodbody and Woodsie for umpiring.

Bring on the season!