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Need to email the Chairman? Looking for a captain’s email address? Fret not. You can find contact details for the 2016-17 season’s Committee members and all team captains below.

Committee members

Committee Position Name Email
Chairman Hannah Fox [email protected]
Secretary Becky Reid [email protected]
Treasurer Lori Hammond [email protected]
Men’s Club Captain Michael Repper [email protected]
Ladies’ Club Captain Isla MacGillivray [email protected]
Fixtures Secretary – Mens Chris Russell [email protected]
Fixtures Secretary – Ladies Alex Pearson [email protected]
Fixtures Secretary – Ladies Annie Gray [email protected]
Fixtures Secretary – Mixed Sally Hodges [email protected]
Umpires Co-ordinator Jess Over [email protected]
Fantasy League Co-ordinator Emily Collins [email protected]
Social Secretaries Helen Pearson [email protected]
Social Secretaries Sam Meacher [email protected]
Social Secretaries Lisa Goodman [email protected]
Social Secretaries Oli Dobbs [email protected]
Website Tim Greenwood [email protected]
Communications & Social Emma Randles [email protected]
Textile Manager Gavin Thow [email protected]
Battersea Club Georgina & Ken 117 Clapham Northside, SW4 9P


Team Name Email
Men’s Club Captain Michael Repper [email protected]
Ladies’ Club Captain Isla MacGillivray [email protected]
Men’s 1s Captain Graham Cox [email protected]
Men’s 2s Captain Gavin Thow [email protected]
Men’s 2s Captain Hugo Carolan [email protected]
Men’s 3s Captain Richie Van Der Linde [email protected]
Men’s 4s Captain Jonny Ross [email protected]
Men’s 5s Captain Tom Lewis [email protected]
Men’s 6s Captain Ross Reid  [email protected]
Ladies’ 1s Captain Nic Vernon [email protected]
Ladies’ 2s Captain Jessica Hull [email protected]
Ladies’ 3s Captain Georgina Orso [email protected]
Ladies’ 4s captain Kirsty Carr [email protected]
Ladies’ 5s captain Emma Potter [email protected]
Ladies’ 6s captain Cat Dunlop [email protected]
Ladies’ 7s captain Emily Collins [email protected]
Dossers (mixed) Captain Ruth Baker [email protected]
Dossers (mixed) Captain Tim Greenwood [email protected]
Real Daqs (mixed) Captain Ruth Baker [email protected]
Optimists (mixed) Captain Oli Dobbs [email protected]
Sinners (mixed) Captain Helen Pearson [email protected]