Wanderers Cup of Nations – Saturday 5 August


  • Last year the great Scottish nation strolled to victory in the inaugural Wanderers Cup of Nations (The Scrappy Cup).
  • On 5th of August 2017 the lesser nations of the world will be given the opportunity to wrestle the crown away from those pasty heroes in blue.
    We are once again looking to put on a tournament involving Scotland, England, Wales/Ireland, The Commonwealth and The World – actual divisions will be decide depending on the spread of entrants.
  • This will take place on August 5th followed by an evening social.
    Current Wanderers players – If you are interested please email your nationality or nationalities to: [email protected]
  • It doesn’t matter how tenuous or how far back in your heritage you look. You could have lived abroad or your grandmother could have had a penchant for sake. Doesn’t matter.

Don’t delay, sign up today for the showpiece of the Wanderers summer!

End of Season Award Winners

Congratulations to the following who won club awards for the 2016/17 season. Presented at the End of Season Dinner, here’s a reminder of the winners for those with somewhat patchy memories of the night…

  • Golden Stick – Most Goals Mens/ ladies

Simon Ensor – 16 goals / Ellie Jesty – 27 goals

  • Big Gun Champion Team

Mens 1s – 186 points

  • Biggest Gun (individual) – Best “socialer” Mens/ Ladies – Chosen by Georgie & Ken

Men’s: Jonny Ross (Hillary Clinton herself)

Women’s: Emma Randles

  • MVP – Fantastar individual Mens/ Ladies

Men’s: Mike Sedcole – 116 points

Women’s: Ellie Jesty – 180 points

  • Fantasy League winner

1st: Emily Collins

2nd: Jonny Ross

3rd: Graham Cox

  • Men’s Teams Players of the Season

Mens 4 – Jonny Ross

Mens 5s – Ollie Denny

  • Men’s team of the year – Chosen by MCC Scrappy

Mens 4’s

  • Ladies Teams Players of the Season

Ladies 1s – Nicola Vernon

Ladies 2s – Foxy

Ladies 3s – Emma Water

Ladies 4s – Mollinda Gardner

Ladies 5s – Becky Davidson

Ladies 6s – Kat Gordon

Ladies 7s – Victoria Speers

  • Women’s team of the year – Presented by LCC Isla

Ladies 4’s

  • Chairman’s award – Chosen by Chairwoman Foxy

Nicola Philips

Promotion for the Ladies 4s!

We are delighted to announce that the Ladies 4s have been promoted to Surrey Ladies Hockey League Division 2! This is fantastic news after a strong season with a fairly new team – congratulations ladies!