Ladies 3s win the league!

Congratulations to the Ladies 3s who last week found out they'd won Surrey Ladies Division 2 by just one point.

On 21 March, their fate hang in the balance after they lost their final game 3-2 to local rivals London Wayfarers. A win or a draw would have secured promotion but the loss meant they had to wait it out for another week as Wayfarers had a game in hand. 

Wayfarers final game, on 28 March, was against mid-ranking London Edwardians; they seemed sure to hold onto the top spot. But, no! Eds beat them 4-3 and sent Battersea Wanderers to the top of the table and into Division 1!

Captain Nikki Hussey, who sadly leaves Wanderers this year said: "I couldn't be more proud of my amazing, talented and dedicated team... I love you all and will miss you more than you know... thank you for being the best team ever!"

Hazy Sunday afternoon

Sinners are winners!
Milla Chaplin's match report: Optimists v Sinners, 16 March

What a perfect Sunday for a spot of spectator sport. And where better to find a pitch full of champions chomping after the sweet taste of victory than at the great clash of super human strength that was the final Sinners-Optimists show-down of this season.

I invited my hangover along to watch out of courtesy, imagining that it would stay for a token (limited) few minutes and would then politely make its excuses and vacate the scene. Sadly, it stayed the course and even came to the pub after.

How we're doing: the men

Paul Golding: Wanderers anorak 
As the end of season is fast approaching, we thought it a good time to take a look at where all the various Wanderers teams stand in their respective leagues. This week Men’s Club Captain Paul Golding scrutinises our fellas’ performance.

M1s – At Christmas they were running first in their league, leading from the front and doing what they could to make sure that at the end of season they would be celebrating in style. In early March they are running 4th, four points off promotion chances, and will still be going all guns at the end of season. 

M2s – Running 7th in the league at Christmas. Probably more importantly for them they were one point behind the Men’s 3s in the same league. They have had a cracking run and in early March are now 4th (copying the Mens 1s).

M3s – Running 6th in the league at Christmas and have slipped to 8th. I think this is deliberate ploy to lull other teams into a false sense of security. I bet it works and we will see them catch 7th place by the end of season.

M4s – Running 3rd in the league at Christmas and have maintained their spot. Tantalisingly close to promotion prospects. How exciting.

M5s – 9th at Christmas, which I think even they will admit isn't what they were after. Christmas was a time for reflection and so brought about an inspiring talk from the skipper, and a change in formation that was sure to bring on great things; and in early March they have managed to slip to 10th. Bonzer.    

M6s – Running 12th at Christmas and not keen on surprises so have decided to stay there. In fact, let’s only say that they had a 9-1 win in February, and if we remember one thing then make it that.

Come back next week to see how our ladies and mixed teams are doing.
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